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Facebook Changed Everything for Marketers

Facebook … we love to hate it…in fact it's probably one of the greatest Love/Hate relationships that exists today.

But the truth is the introduction of Facebook to the world literally changed how we connect in our world forever, especially that of the Marketer and Businesses.

Last month Facebook turned 10 and I thought it would be a good time to look over Facebook's impact on the world.

Facebook A New Way of Connecting

I know there were other social sites that came before Facebook and to a certain extent they did open up new channels of communication and ways for Marketers to reach their audience.

However, these social media sites were often limited to a specific age range or group with a specific topic…
for example look at My Space. Although it was open to anyone the very style and amount of computer "know how" needed meant it was centered around the young and "computer informed" generation of teens and young adults. Unlike Facebook, where you can see any profile not set on private, My Space viewers had to be members even to see something so it was not a good tool for Marketers.

For Marketers, Facebook became a great way to reach out and touch their audience that did not cost the Marketers a fortune. This allowed Marketers to interact with their audience on a more personal level through groups, fan pages and even personal or business profiles.

Marketers found new ways of promoting themselves. One way was offering rewards and contests that required the user to share the Marketers content or page on their own wall.

Facebook Made the World Smaller

The internet knows no boundaries, requires no passport and can take you places you have never set foot in. Facebook took this to the next level, giving Marketers and businesses an opportunity to promote their posts, fan pages, and put ads in front of millions of people everyday both free and for a price.

This form of promotion eliminated the barrier between countries and gave Marketers the chance to expand across the world.

Facebook Created Edgerank

In its attempt to get more money and take advantage of Google's new Hummingbird algorithm, Facebook created something called Edgerank.
Simply put Edgerank rates how popular your organic audience is. They determine 4 things:

  1. How many posts does your audience like?

  2. How many shares are your posts getting?

  3. How much organic interaction do you have with your audience?

  4. How many "friends" (Contacts) are you commenting on, sharing and liking?

Facebook then takes these numbers and decides who will be featured on the news feed and how many of your connections will get to see your posts. Obviously, the higher your scores on those 4 things the more likely you are to see and get organic traffic. Of course you can pay Facebook to push you up in that scoring and give you more visibility and Facebook is counting on this new method of Edgerank to get them more profits.

Facebook is Here to Stay

Like it or not Facebook isn't going anywhere really soon. We can whine, complain and even attack Facebook but the truth is Facebook is sticking around for the foreseeable future.

Do you have to use Facebook? No

Is there a cost to not using Facebook? Probably…Facebook has a huge audience and you are not tapping into them BUT Facebook is not the only social media site for Marketers and businesses to use.

Like this article? Keep your eye out for my article on Google plus that is coming soon to your favorite blogger.

Make it a great Sunday evening :)

Jesper Seest Mogensen
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Skype: seest100

You can also find me on Facebook - Don't hesitate to ask me any questions there!

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Over the last year,
search engines like Google, made a lot of changes


Google's calculation upgrade known over the web as Hummingbird that Google released in 2013 shook the internet world. Forever changing how web indexes and content advertisers work together until the end of time.

The Hummingbird took customized postings to another level. Catch phrase enhancement changed drastically bringing about Google+ appropriating more importance with SEO standing and Content Marketing.


Another way to look at it is that Hummingbird tries to understand the meaning or intention of your query. It looks at more than the keyword and concentrates on providing as much information about the topic of the query that it can find. To put it in more modern terms: The Hummingbird is to the Internet like Data was to the crew of Star Wars. When he answered a question, he searched his data banks to find an appropriate answer and all related information.


According to Amit Singhal, Google VP of Search:

“With more complex queries, the algorithm can better understand concepts vs. words as well as relationships between concepts.”  Thus this Natural Language Processing will benefit long tail content rather than keywords."


Since more and more people are searching the internet from mobile devices, Google felt this would be easier and more mobile friendly.

What does this mean for the content marketer?


The Hummingbird algorithm is aiming to understand the intent of a query and provide accurate answers. It is now essential for marketers to understand what questions the customers will have and be developing solutions across their platforms.

This means that websites, Google Plus, social media platforms, YouTube and other relevant communities need to address these questions with qualified answers and solutions.
When the Hummingbird algorithm then sees that you are addressing the needs of your target market the algorithm will increase your rank accordingly.


Social Media Edgerank will play a bigger role
with the Hummingbird algorithm


In order for your organization or business to place high in Google search results using the Hummingbird algorithm, you need to appear influential in social media networks.
The number of followers, likes and interaction (Facebook Edgerank) is seen as social evidence that people think what you say matters. Fan engagement indicates that you are able to keep the interest of your users with your content.
All of this adds up to evidence of your reputation, and any good marketer knows there is nothing more valuable than a clean reputation in business and in life.


Bringing it all together

The Hummingbird search algorithm is much smarter than any of its predecessors. It can answer questions, filter the answers, and give you comparison data, at a glance.
You don’t have to click away from search results to get answers because the data is right there for you, easy to find.

The redefined mobile search results are cleaner and simpler.


Since all newer mobile devices are focused on touch, Hummingbird was optimized for touch. Results are then displayed in an easy to read format allowing you to have faster searches and thus faster answers.

Google’s plan to give you answers to questions at your fingertips is not without a Better bottom line for Google. Because of the improved complex search retrieval and improved responses that offer a wealth of information on the search page, Google is keeping users on their search results pages longer.  This in turn, increases exposure to sponsored ads and improves sales and revenue.

Optimizing the algorithm to act like artificial intelligence and giving it an underlying understanding of language its core moves toward fulfilling the objectives to make the consumer happier thereby increasing time on sites and revenue for the marketer.

Make it a great evening :)

Jesper Seest Mogensen
0045 2623 2455
Skype: seest100

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This video is for those that want to create a lead generation blog.


The number one way to rank on Google, is…


Step into your future, 12 months from now.  How many blog posts have you done this year?

The principle of consistency works for every marketing strategy that you do!

Make it a great day :)

Jesper Seest Mogensen
0045 2623 2455
Skype: seest100

You can also find me on Facebook - Don't hesitate to ask me any questions there!

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Power Traffic X review

First let me tell you something, that is very important before starting with the Power Traffic X ....

The Breakthrough Model:

1. Quality Traffic

2. Stand Out & Capture

3. Conversion Mastery

Yea right... This is a messed up model!

The right Breakthrough Model:

1. Conversion Mastery

2. Stand Out & Capture

3. Quality Traffic

When it comes to master conversion, your posture (creating "authority" in your marketing) is very important.

So if you just got started, don't have a big organization or little money, how do you create authority?
You need to do this from day ONE!
You need to act, like you already made your first million.

One way to do that, is that you can "borrow" authority from your team and add your visions not your goals. People don't care about your goals (bluntly said) but they follow visions.

You must act with certainty, bring value to the market. Keep in mind, it's all about THEM, find out what THEY want!

Maybe you promote a business along with 100,000 other people, so the above is very important... You need something that makes you unique.

Below I have listed, the whole system of Power Traffic X
So you know, exactly what you get, with this very powerful package.

Module 1: Media Traffic X:
Advanced strategies the "big boys"
utilize to open floodgates of residual traffic.

Module 2: The OPL Method:
How to get other people to promote your site and send your THEIR traffic.
It's almost like magic!

Module 3: Traffic Agencies:
How to "COMMAND" 50,000+ visitors a day to any site you want.

Module 4: The Penny Traffic:
How to get laser targeted traffic for as low as a penny per visitor.

Module 5: PPC Traffic:
How to get tons of super targeted traffic
using the power of UNDERGROUND PPC

Module 6: Mobile Traffic:
The "BIG WAVE" Traffic (caution: It's HOT)

Module 7: Facebook Traffic X:
How few elite marketers earn as much as $20K+ per DAY using Facebook.

Module 8: Social Media Traffic:
It's FREE, it's effective and it WORKS like magic.

Module 9: Video Traffic
ADVANCED: How to get tons of traffic and
turn yourself into a "celebrity" using video.

Module 10: CPA Traffic Secrets
How to leverage the power of CPA Networks to get unlimited leads!

Module 11: Traffic Amplifier
The "magic dust" that turns 1 visitor into 10 without extra cost or work.


Module 12: Traffic Intelligence
How to strategically uncover new, fresh traffic sources and never depend on anybody for traffic (This is GOLD)


Below you can watch Vick's presentation of all 12 modules.

Vick Strizheus isn't just the most successful affiliate in Empower ...
…Vick created the largest first month check in Network Marketing history.

NOBODY has ever done what he has done.

When you master these 12 modules, YOU will not be worring about your business anymore!

This conclude my updates on our latest product: Power Traffic X

Make it a great evening! :-)

Jesper Seest Mogensen
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Skype: seest100

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